How do I become an Izispik teacher?

  1. To become an Izispik Tutor or Qualified Teacher click on "Become a Tutor" on Izispik homepage or click here
  2. On the registration page you must upload your profile picture. This is very important since this picture is the first thing that a potential client will look at. It should be a full-face or three-quarters photo with good lighting and a friendly smile on your face.
  3. After you have uploaded the profile picture, choose your type of teaching. On Izispik you can be either an Izispik Tutor or a Qualified Teacher.
  4. Fill in the general information about yourself, such as name, contact information, time zone, languages you speak and teach, desired price per lesson and a few sentences about yourself.
  5. Izispik requires from its teachers to upload a short video presentation.

How do I record a video presentation?

You can use your phone to record a video and here are some helpful tips on how to make your video presentation look professional:

  • Record in horizontal mode only and fix the phone to avoid camera shake effect
  • Your video should be between 30 seconds and 1,5 min.
  • Speak in English or in French if you know it, or both
  • You can quickly introduce yourself and speak about the advantages of having a lesson with you, your hobbies, why you love teaching and foreign languages etc...
  • The lighting and the sound of the video must be of good quality
  • If possible, and in order to make it visually attractive, this video has to be made with rhythm, good intonation, with a smile on your face. In short, it has to be very friendly.
  • You will find a good pattern of the video presentation of one of our Qualified teachers if you follow this link

How do I get paid on the platform?

To be able to withdraw your money from izispik, you need to create a Payoneer account by following the link below. When signing up for a Payoneer account, choose ‘Individual‘.

For questions in relation to Payoneer operation in your country, follow the link below and choose your country from the list to contact Customer Support.To see the whole process of the registration, follow the link below.When you register on Izispik, you automatically create your Izispik wallet. The money you earn on the platform is transferred to your wallet after each completed lesson. Once you decide to withdraw the money, you go to your account and click on Withdrawal of funds. You will see a window where you need to enter the desired amount and click on Confirm order for withdrawal. After you have made the request, the money should land into your Payoneer account within 3 business days.

Do I have to pay anything to become a teacher on Izispik?

No. The registration is free. All lessons are commissionfree for teachers.

How do I decide the price for my lessons?

Possible price range is between 4 and 15 euro. Teachers choose their price individually. However, to get a good start on the platform and become a successful Izispik teacher we recommend to set your price at 7 euro per lesson (55 min).

Do I need Skype to have lessons?

No. All lessons take place within our inbuilt videoconference system which becomes available on your Izispik account 5 minutes before the starting time of the lesson.

How am I informed when a student has booked a lesson with me?

You will receive a notification with two possible options: accept or decline a lesson request. If you choose ‘accept’, you will have a lesson at a chosen time.

From which countries are the students?

Izispik is a French company, so most of the students are French. But you can have students from other countries too.

Do I need to speak French to teach a French student?

Not mandatory. For English lessons, for example, we require that you speak English during the lessons. The same rule is applied to other languages, i.e. if the student has a sufficient level in the language taught – speak this language. Nevertheless, being able to speak French (at the minimum English) is a real advantage to explain something difficult to your student.

Does izispik provide materials and define the lessons’ content?

No. As a freelance teacher you have to identify precisely the student’s needs during the first lesson and try as much as possible to meet his expectations. Regarding teaching materials (books, podcasts, videos…), if izispik doesn’t provide them, our team is able to advise you on getting quality and/or free materials to conduct your lessons.

Can I modify my online availability schedule when I want?

Yes. You just need to open your profile, checks your new available for lessons hours and save the changes. Nevertheless, keep in mind that when you modify your schedule, you may still have upcoming lessons that have been booked on your previous schedule, which you have to carry out.

As a teacher on izispik, am I rated by students?

Currently you are not rated on Nevertheless, this feature is being developed and it will be implemented soon. While waiting for the rating system implementation, the izispik’s team keeps an eye on the lessons’ quality and in case of any issues keeps the right to ask the teacher for clarification, and if considered necessary, delete the teacher’s profile without any explanations.

Do I have to pay taxes in my country and does Izispik provide documents to declare income?

Izispik is a French company which reports exclusively to the French state with the question of Value added tax on its commissions. Izispik is not an employer of teachers, and all the teachers on have a self-employed status. So, the regulations to report about your Izispik income depend on the country you live in and what your local laws are. It is your own responsibility to report about your self-employed activity. Izispik doesn't provide any invoices or documents for this purpose and if you need a proof of income, you can print out your Payoneer or Izispik accounts withdrawal history.

Can I delete a lesson scheduled?

In “My lessons” list, both teachers and students have the possibility to cancel lessons. The student can cancel the lesson without any charges up to 10 hours in advance of the scheduled start time. If the student cancels the lesson with less than 10 hours notice, he will be charged as if the lesson was completed. When the student cancels the lesson, the teacher is informed of the cancellation on his dashboard (“My lessons”) with the status “ lesson “cancelled by student”.

If the teacher wants to cancel the lesson, the requirement of 10 hours notice is not applied. Nevertheless, if he plans to cancel the lesson, he has to cancel it as soon as possible. Izispik underlines that, if the teacher cancels the lessons several times, the platform will contact him or her in order to obtain some explanations. Izispik underlines that if the teacher doesn’t provide any reasonable explanations, the platform could make the decision to ban this teacher from the Izispik website.

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Is English the only language I can learn on Izispik?

No, a dozen of languages is available for learning on, of course it is the English language, and a lot of other common languages: Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Polish...

How do I pay for my lesson(s) on Izispik?

When you register on Izispik, you automatically create your Izispik wallet. To be able to book a lesson online you first must be registered on, and put the necessary amount in your online wallet. You are able to make a credit card deposit to replenish your account with money by clicking on your online wallet and filling in the information demanded by the French bank “Société Générale”.

Is the payment on secured?

Yes, the payment system used on the Izispik platform is provided by the French Bank “Société Générale”. This bank provides a secured system to make credit card deposits with a double individual verification (system called 3D secured).

Do all the izispik’s teachers speak French?

No. Even though between 30% and 50% of our teachers are able to speak French, we advise to avoid using this language at the maximum in order to improve your ability to speak the language you are learning faster. If you take English lessons, it’s more efficient to use only English during your lesson.

Do the teachers teach all the language levels and what are teachers’ specialties?

Yes, our teachers are able to teach all the levels in the languages taught. Regarding the specialties, you can choose: beginner level and travelling / advanced level and business language/ oral practice and understanding / grammar and writing / exam or interview preparation / lessons for children and teenagers.

Are there teachers specialized for teaching children and teenagers?

Yes, of course. You just need to select in the filter “Speciality” the choice “lessons for children and teenagers”.

Do I need Skype to have lessons?

No. All lessons take place within our inbuilt videoconference system, which becomes available on your Izispik account 5 minutes before the starting time of the lesson.

How do I book a lesson?

Firstly, you have to put the necessary amount of money in your online wallet. If you don’t have the necessary amount on your wallet but still try to book a lesson, our system will notify you that to be able to book a lesson you need to replenish your account first. Once you choose your teacher, go to his or her profile and click on Book a lesson. You will see a pop-up window with available time slots. Select one or more slots that suit you and click on Book a lesson. The teacher will receive a notification with two possible options: accept or decline a lesson request. If he or she chooses ‘accept’, you will have a lesson at a chosen time.

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