IZISPIK S.A.S. Privacy Policy

Please read carefully this Privacy Policy regarding the use of personal data on www.izispik.com. If you disagree with the following terms, you don't have to use the website www.izispik.com. If you successfully register on the www.izispik.com and become a user of the platform, it means that you have agreed to this Privacy Policy.


IZISPIK S.A.S. has developed a platform of foreign languages lessons, obtained through the website www.izispik.com or a mobile application called IZISPIK. The purpose of the platform is to put teachers in contact with customers, providing an integrated video chat system to conduct online lessons. The platform also collaborates with an international system of payment in order to organise the payment between teachers and customers.


In the following terms and conditions

"Izispik" means IZISPIK S.A.S.;

"The platform" means www.izispik.com;

"www.izispik.com" means izispik.com or Izispik.com;

"Qualified teacher" is a highly experienced trained professional qualified to teach languages;

"Izispik tutor" is an advanced speaker or native speaker who helps improve your speaking skills through communication;

"Student" is a customer who has registered on www.izispik.com in order to take lessons in foreign languages;

"User" is an Izispik qualified teacher or tutor, or student;

"Teachers" is a general term for both qualified teachers and Izispik tutors;

"Wallet" means available credits in euros on the platform;

"One-hour lesson" means 55 minutes lesson;

"Izispik website" means www.izispik.com;

"Société Générale" is the Izispik's contractor for the customers' online credit card deposit;

"Sogecommerce" is the secure international online payment solution provided by "Société Générale";

"Payonneer" is the Izispik's contractor for the teachers' secure international online payout system;


All the web site content and its formatting, graphics, pictures, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, are the exclusive property of the Izispik S.A.S. except for brands and logos belonging to other partner companies.

All reproductions, distributions, modifications, publications or partial use of these elements is strictly forbidden without the Izispik's agreement. All reproductions, by any means whatsoever, are considered as a counterfeiting sanctioned by the French law, to wit, the articles L.3335-2 and those following of France's Intellectual Property Code. The disrespect for this prohibition is considered as counterfeiting which can result in civil and penal responsibilities of the infringer. In the same way, Izispik, as the owner of the copied content, is able to bring an action before the court. Also, Izispik owns the "rights of databases producers" specified in "Livre III", "Titre IV", of the Intellectual Property Code (law n°98-536, 1rst of July 1998) relating to authors' rights and databases.

The design of the Izispik website requires the use of external sources with open copyrights, or from which Izispik has bought the authors' rights. All pictures and illustrated characters have been bought on Shutterstock or are the property of Izispik S.A.S.


Website users and visitors can use the hyperlink to the Izispik's website, but only the one which redirects to the website home page - www.izispik.com. The use of other Izispik's website pages is forbidden. By clicking on the link, a new window should open. Also, to display the Izispik's web page within another website page (inline framing), one, firstly, needs to obtain an Izispik S.A.S authorization to do that. For all authorization requests, please contact us by email using the email address: contact@izispik.com (specific conditions are provided for the media).

Izispik.com can provide links to other websites or available Internet resources. However, Izispik S.A.S. underlines that it does not have the means to control these websites and Internet resources. Izispik S.A.S. cannot be held responsible for the websites availability and does not guarantee this availability. Izispik S.A.S. cannot be held liable for all the damages, of any nature whatsoever, coming from these websites. Risks related to the use of these websites is entirely the responsibility of their users who must comply with the websites' Terms of Service.


During new user registration, the Izispik platform collects: first name, last name, phone number, email address, time zone location, country of origin and profile picture. Upon the registration of new teachers, Izispik also requires to provide their background information and description of their skills (including languages they teach and speak), certificates and/or diplomas, as well as a quick written and video introduction. Izispik does not require an identity card picture, but keeps the right to request from its financial contractors ("Payoneer" and "Société Générale") access to ID information in case of serious issues.


IZISPIK uses the collected information only for the internal functioning or in order to contact its users. In that way, the platform has to be able to:

- contact its users in case of issues (payment default, user's complaint against another user);

- notify its users about any agreement changes regarding Izispik's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service;

- to send warning emails or warning SMS regarding registration steps, lessons order process, etc…

Agreeing to Izispik's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, the user agrees to receive Izispik's newsletters by email or by SMS, including advertising, information on discounts, reminders, etc. The user will be able to unsubscribe from Izispik's newsletters and Izispik's advertising by clicking on the available link (more precise conditions given in Article 10. "Right of access and unsubscribe method").


The platform commits to not share or sell any personal information collected about its users, intended for the good realisation of the Izispik's service.


Izispik is an intermediary, providing a platform where teachers and students can use an integrated online video chat system to conduct their lessons. Izispik also implements a secure international payment system, which permits the customers to pay for the ordered lessons and teachers to withdraw their money.


Izispik does not record the lessons' video chat streaming (between teachers and students) and commits to not use or share it for another use than initial one.


Izispik's users have the right to access, modify and suppress their personal information. This right can be implemented by post at Izispik S.A.S., 31 rue du Moulin 63670 Le Cendre France or by email at contact@izipsik.com. The user is able at any moment to unsubscribe from the website and has the right to have his personal information deleted from the platform. To unsubscribe from the Izispik's email newsletters, the user should send an email at contact@izispik.com asking to be removed from the Izispik's emailing list.


For the purpose of statistical data collection and settings saving, izispik.com uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text sent to your web browser by izispik.com. A cookie file is stored in your web browser and allows the service or a third-party to recognize you and make your next visit easier and the service more useful for you.


The date of the last Privacy Policy update is mentioned at the end of this page. Furthermore, Izispik keeps the possibility to modify its Privacy Policy if its offer has changed, respecting its past agreement with users. If there is a modification of its past agreement with its current users, Izispik commits to inform its users about modifications.

Updated version 15/09/2019