IZISPIK S.A.S. Terms of Service

Please read carefully these Terms of Service regarding the use of the web site www.izispik.com. If you disagree with the following terms, you don't have to use the web site www.izispik.com. If you successfully register on the www.izispik.com and become a user of the platform, it means that you have agreed to these Terms of Service.


IZISPIK S.A.S. has developed a platform of foreign language lessons, obtained through the website www.izispik.com or a mobile application called IZISPIK. The purpose of the platform is to put teachers in contact with customers, providing an integrated video chat system to conduct online lessons. The platform also collaborates with an international system of payment in order to organise the payment between teachers and customers.

The website is available at the following url address www.izispik.com and operates in compliance with the French law. The use of the website izispik.com is regulated by these Terms of Service and the Izipsik's Privacy Policy. To start using izipsik.com, during registration, you have to read and accept the Izispik's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If you do not accept the Izispik's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, do not register on the platform.


"Izispik" means IZISPIK S.A.S.;

"www.izispik.com" means izispik.com, Izispik.com or the platform;

"Qualified teacher" is a highly experienced trained professional qualified to teach languages;

"Izispik tutor" is an advanced speaker or native speaker who helps improve your speaking skills through communication;

"Student" is a customer who has registered on www.izispik.com in order to take lessons in foreign languages;

"User" is an Izispik qualified teacher or tutor, or student;

"Teachers" is a general term for both qualified teachers and Izispik tutors;

"Wallet" means available credits in euros on the platform;

"One-hour lesson" means 55 minutes lesson;

"Izispik website" means www.izispik.com;

"Société Générale" is the Izispik's contractor for the customers' online credit card deposit;

"Sogecommerce" is the secure international online payment solution provided by "Société Générale";

"Payonneer" is the Izsipik's contractor for the teachers' secure international online payout system;


The web site editor is Izispik S.A.S. 31 rue du Moulin 63 670 Le Cendre. Izispik is a simplified stock company ("Société par actions simplifiée") registered SIREN 851 252 544.

The website has been realised and is supporting by IDAP Solutions LLC, registered at 1110 Brickell Avenue Suite 402-2 Miami, FL 33131.


2.1 General rules and eligibility

To be allowed to register on the platform, all users, including Qualified Teachers and Tutors, must be over 18 years old. Users under 18 (children and teenagers) can take lessons online, but must be registered by an adult under his or her name (for detailed information see Article 7 on "Framework for the underage users").

2.2 Tutor's registration

To become a teacher on the platform, push the button "Become a tutor" on the Izispik website home page. You must upload a profile picture, fill in the fields with your personal information (conditions given in the "IZISPIK S.A.S. Privacy Policy").

A new teacher will have the choice to register as an "Izispik Tutor" (definition given in Article 1.1. Key Terms) or as a "Qualified Teacher" (definitions given in Article 1.1. "Key Terms"). If a new teacher aspires to be validated by the platform as a "Qualified Teacher", he or she will have to justify their teaching experience in the field of foreign languages and to provide appropriate diplomas and/or certificates.

During the registration, a new teacher has the possibility to upload a video presentation, but it's not a requirement. If the teacher decides not to upload the video at this point, he will still be able to register and get an approved teacher profile. However, this step becomes a requirement upon the expiration of one month from the day of the profile validation (see 2.3).

At the end of the registration step, the new teacher's profile has to be validated by the platform's administrator. All teachers wait for the validation before starting their work on Izispik website. After a profile is successfully validated, the teacher is immediately informed of that by email. Please note thatIzispik has the right to refuse the user's application to teach on the platform (register as an "Izispik tutor" or "Qualified teacher") without any explanation if it judges that the teacher's profile is inapplicable.

2.3 Tutor profile

After the profile validation, a new teacher has to continue completing his profile with his educational and professional background (as precise as possible) and with a video presentation. This video should be between 1 minute and 30 seconds to 3 minutes in order to introduce himself (background, qualities, purposes).

The guidelines how to create a good quality video presentation are available on the Izispik website at "How it works for teachers". Once his profile has been validated, a new teacher has to complete his profile (upload a video presentation) within a month. If he doesn't complete it within the set time limit (one month) after the registration, the platform could make the decision to ban his profile.

2.4 Student's registration

To become a student on the platform, push the button "Register" on the Izispik website home page or push the button "Register" on the dashboard with the list of teachers' profiles. A customer can look through the list of teachers' profiles without registration. However, to book a lesson the customer has to register as a student before that. Upon registration, a new student uploads their profile picture (not mandatory), fills in some personal information (conditions given in the "IZISPIK S.A.S. Privacy Policy).


3.1 Book a lesson

A student can book a lesson (or several lessons) directly on the teacher's profile by pressing the button "Book a lesson". After the button "Book a lesson" is pressed, the teacher's schedule appears where the student directly chooses the time of the lesson he wants to order (date and hour). A student will be able to finalize the booking only if he has enough money on his "wallet" (Conditions of payment system given in Article 5. "Financial conditions").

When a student finishes booking a lesson, this lesson appears in the list which is available on the dashboard as "My lessons". In the list of lessons, there are three possible types of the lesson status: "Awaiting approval" "Approved" "Completed". The teacher must confirm the student's lesson order. After the confirmation, the lesson's status will appear as "Approved". When a student books a lesson, the teacher chosen is informed of that by email and must either accept or refuse the customer's lesson order. In the same way, when the teacher has accepted the customer's lesson order, the student is informed of that by email.

3.2 Cancelation Policy

In "My lessons" list, both teachers and students have the possibility to cancel the lesson. The student can cancel the lesson without any charges up to 10 hours in advance of the scheduled start time. If the student cancels the lesson with less than 10 hours notice, he will be charged as if the lesson was completed. When the student cancels the lesson, the teacher is informed of the cancellation on his dashboard ("My lessons") with the status " lesson "cancelled by student".

If the teacher wants to cancel the lesson, the requirement of 10 hours notice is not applied. Nevertheless, if he plans to cancel the lesson, he has to cancel it as soon as possible. Izispik underlines that, if the teacher cancels the lessons several times, the platform will contact him or her in order to obtain some explanations. Izispik underlines that if the teacher doesn't provide any reasonable explanations, the platform could make the decision to ban this teacher from the Izispik website.

3.3 Conduct your lesson with the video chat system

The platform provides a video chat system for conducting lessons between teachers and students. Go to "My lessons" list to access the video chat system. After the lesson has been booked (student's order and teacher's confirmation), this lesson is scheduled at the precise time chosen by the student and confirmed by the teacher. Being a user, you can access the video chat system 5 minutes before the start of your lesson. To begin the video connection with your interlocutor, click on the button "Start my lesson" which you will find on "My lessons" page.

On the platform, "one-hour lesson" means a lesson of 55 minutes because Izispik considers that the teacher needs at the minimum 5 minutes rest in order to be able to begin a new lesson during the upcoming hour. Agreeing to these Terms of Service, the student agrees with the fact that "one hour lesson" booked on the platform means 55 minutes lesson. The rules to respect during a video call are given in Article 6. "Behaviour of the platform users". All materials used by the teacher during the lesson are provided by the teacher. Izispik gives some advice and recommendations about the teaching materials in "How it works for teachers".

3.4 Communication between students and teachers

A chat system is available on the platform to permit communication between students and teachers. The rules to respect when using the chat system are given in Article 6. "Behaviour of the platform users". * *


4.1 General rules

Izispik is an intermediary, representing the platform where teachers and students can use an integrated video chat system to conduct their lessons. Izispik also has an integrated secure international payment system, which allows customers to pay for their lessons, and for teachers to withdraw their money.

The customer is charged 100% Izispik fixed commission, so the price demanded by the teacher during his registration is free from any charges. After French V.A.T. deduction, the average of the Izispik fixed commission paid by the customer is 18,75%. The price fixed by the tutor has to be between 4 euros and 15 euros.




4 euros5 euros1 euro
4,5 euros6 euros1,5 euros
5 euros7 euros2 euros
6 euros8 euros2 euros
7 euros9 euros2 euros
8 euros9,90 euros1,90 euros
8,5 euros11 euros2,5 euros
9 euros12 euros3 euros
10 euros13 euros3 euros
11 euros14 euros3 euros
11,5 euros15 euros3,5 euros
12 euros16 euros4 euros
13 euros17 euros4 euros
14 euros18 euros4 euros
14,5 euros19 euros4,5 euros
15 euros20 euros5 euros

4.2 Customers' payment

To use the platform and to book a lesson, the customer has to make an online credit card deposit with a minimum of 10 euros deposit and with a maximum of 1000 euros deposit. If the customer has less than 10 euros on his "wallet" he cannot book the lesson. If the customer has not used his "wallet" money for 6 months, the amount remaining on his "wallet" becomes the property of Izispik and his account will be closed.

The Izispik's contractor to provide an online credit card deposit service is "Société Générale". This is implemented via their online terminal system "sogecommerce". It's a complete secured international payment system and the conditions relating to this service are the responsibility of the bank "Société Générale".

4.3 Teachers' withdrawal

To use the platform, conduct lessons and to withdraw money from the online "wallet", the teacher has to use a payout service provided by "Payoneer". It's a complete secured international payout system and the conditions relating to this service are the responsibility of "Payoneer".

If the teacher reaches the amount of 1000 euros on his online "wallet", he has to withdraw his money in order to be authorised to accept new lessons. If the teacher has not used the platform for 6 months, the amount remaining on his wallet becomes the property of Izispik and his account is closed.


Teachers who give lessons on the platform commit to not advertise their business through the platform. Teachers also commit to not propose their services directly to customers in order to pursue lessons outside the platform. In case of the breach of this rule, Izispik will immediately identify that and ban the rule-breaker.


Platform's users commit to be polite on the platform and to have an adequate behaviour. If any user (a teacher or a student) notices an inadequate behaviour during the lesson, this user has the right to interrupt the ongoing lesson immediately and inform the Izispik administrator at contact@izispik.com of the situation providing the context and the name of the user who has acted inappropriately. Izispik keeps the right to ban a student or a teacher immediately due to the improper behaviour on the platform.

If there is a professional selection on the teachers' side, it's not the case for students. Teachers are not Izispik's employees and Izispik limits its relationship with its customers to being a commercial service. In this framework, although Izispik defines the rules regarding its users' behaviour on the platform, Iizispik is in no way responsible for issues caused by its users and disclaims any liability in case of inappropriate behaviour. Finally, if there is a serious and proved problem in relation to behaviour on the platform, Izispik will bring the responsible for that user to justice.

7. FRAMEWORK FOR UNDERAGE USERS (children and teenagers)

Of course, children and teenagers are allowed to use the platform and a lot of teachers specialize on teaching children and teenagers on izispik.com. Nevertheless, the use of the platform by children and teenagers is conditioned by two main rules that are to be respected:

Firstly, a child or a teenager is not allowed to register on his own on the platform. Only adult people (over 18 years old) are authorized to register on izispik.com. So, if your purpose is to order a lesson for a child or a teenager, you have to use your adult account to connect him with the right teacher. Any breach of this rule will lead to the cancellation of the platform registration.

Secondly, for each lesson ordered for a child or a teenager, an adult has to be physically present at the time of the lesson connection (some seconds). The teacher on his side is also responsible to check that this rule is respected and has to refuse and stop the connection if there is no adult present with the child or the teenager at the moment of the start of the lesson.


Information in izispik.com is as precise as possible and the website is regularly upgraded. Nevertheless, the website can include some inaccuracies, omissions and shortcomings. If you notice some inaccuracies, shortcomings or malfunction, please contact us at contact@izispik.com and describe the problem as precise as possible. Finally, Izispik S.A.S. cannot be held responsible for the improper use of its Service.


Izispik's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are regulated by the French law and all litigations which could result from their interpretation will only be under the competence of courts which the Izispik S.A.S. head office depends on. For the resolution of potential litigations, the reference language is French.


Izispik commits to update its Terms of Service at each website upgrade step. The date of the last Terms of Service update is mentioned at the end of this page. Furthermore, Izispik keeps the possibility to modify its Terms of Service if its offer has changed, respecting its past agreement with users. If there is a modification of its past agreement with its current users, Izispik commits to inform its users about such modifications.

Updated version 19/09/2019