Arwa T.

Izispik tutor
€7 per hour

Country from: France

Speaks: English, French, Arabic

Teaches: English, French, Arabic

About Me

My name’s Arwa, I’m Egyptian. I’m currently a law student ( 18 years old) I also majored in French-English literature in France. I speak 3 languages fluently (English, Arabic & French) and I’ve got an A2 level in Spanish. I lived in several countries (Egypt, Spain, UAE, France) and have traveled a lot (Holland, Belgium, Spain, England, UAE and France). I’m really passionate about learning new languages and I hope that one day, I’d learn Italian, German, Spanish, Russian. I also want to travel more so I’d gain new experience. I decided that I would like to share everything I learned with those who look forward to learning. I guarantee that every person I’ll work with will learn a lot of important things and will achieve their goal(s). I can’t wait to be of help.


Work experience