Michael P.

Qualified teacher
€20 per hour

Country from: United Kingdom

Speaks: English, French, Spanish

Teaches: English

About Me

Hello! Do you want to feel confident speaking English? Would you like to improve your level and become fluent? Do you feel frustrated because you've been studying English for a while but your progress has been slow? This is not your fault! Most English lessons focus on the wrong thing. They focus on trying to memorise long lists of words and trying to understand the complex structure of the language with boring exercises. This doesn't help you much in the real world. My method is very different! You will learn the way you learnt your mother tongue - with real interactions, in context! Together we will SIMULATE the real world with role-plays and dynamic interactions! I have 9 years of experience teaching students from adults to kids. Along with experience in engineering and in amateur dramatics, I provide classes that are efficient, effective and fun! I look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Michael


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