€9.9 per hour

Country from: Ukraine

Speaks: English, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

Teaches: English, Turkish

About Me

Hello, dear friends! I've been teaching English since 2002 and I really love doing this. I graduated from the Faculty of foreign languages ( English, Turkish and Western Literature) 12 years ago. I also had a one-year internship at Wabash Valley College ( Illinois, the USA) and intensive language training at American University( Washington D.C.) I also specialize in professional English: - Medical English - English for IT- specialists - Legal English. Language of Law I use a lot of podcasts, video and audio materials in our classes. We concentrate on practicing your active skills, do a lot of speaking and discussion. My programme is personalized. So before starting our work we need to know exactly what your language goal is and how much time and effort you are ready to invest in your dream come true) If you have any questions left- don't hesitate to contact me. I truly believe in Your success. See you at the lesson!


Work experience