Guilherme L.

Izispik tutor
€17 per hour

Country from: Poland

Speaks: English, Portuguese

Teaches: Portuguese

About Me

My name is Guilherme Henrique Lisboa and I'm a native portuguese speaker from Brazil, originally from São Paulo city. Nowadays I'm living in Poland, on Kraków, and also I'm a Portuguese teacher in a school for polish people. I have just started studying International Relations in Jagiellonian University, since I've arrived here on September. By the way, I have many methods to teach, but usually its better to see the level that the person in case are in, to then go through some really specific. To some of mine high level students I like to give them texts about interesting, funny or even polemical topics. Also, to improve the vocabulary and the pronunciation, I use music as a tool, for example. Teaching polish people is also a funny thing to do, I love to teach, and I always try to make the lessons not boring or sleepy. Not just languages, but I'm also a lover of the music, and this lover also teaches guitar lessons :)


Work experience