Filip O.

Izispik tutor
€9.9 per hour

Country from: Poland

Speaks: English, Chinese, Polish

Teaches: English, Chinese, Polish

About Me

Hi, my name is Filip and I come from Poland. I speak Polish, English and Chinese. I also study Korean and Japanese. Learning languages is the biggest passion of mine. When I'm studying a language I feel as if I were in a completely different world where I don't have to care or worry about anything. When I was younger I was rather reluctant to learn any languages and the ability to speak English fluently, seemed to be like something impossible to accomplish. Now I'm all about foreign languages and cultures. My biggest dream is to move to Taiwan in the future. I'd also love to travel a lot, meet people and learn about their culture and traditions. My dream job is a professional translator or a language teacher. 大家好,我的名字叫菲利普(Filip),可是大家可以叫我的中文名字欧立言。我来自波兰,但是我从三岁一直学英文,所以会说得流利。我对汉语,中国文化和历史感兴趣得不得了。除了中文以外,我也学习韩文和日文。高中毕业之后,我打算去台湾上大学。我也很想去中国旅游。有空的时候我很喜欢看书,听音乐,看电影和电视剧。我的爱好是科学(医学),玩乐器,画画等等。我的理想职业是翻译家或者语言老师。很高兴认识大家!


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