Nicolas R.

Izispik tutor
€14 per hour

Country from: Poland

Speaks: English, Spanish, Polish

Teaches: English, Spanish

About Me

I am a mexican student currently living in Poland. I have spoken English throughout my whole life. I attended an american school in Mexico, and I lived in Ireland. I have two years of experience teaching english and spanish, but 10 years in general tutoring. I've taught courses on music, photography, creative writing, archery, storytelling through visuals, and now language. I use the approach that has helped me learn polish. Which relies first and foremost on conversational skills and interpretation. I later focus on grammar, as I believe it's more important to start talking than understanding how to talk. I enjoy teaching about the culture of each language, so the work imparted typically includes activities such as reading short stories and listening to music. I make my best to implement my students interests into the lessons in order to facilitate the learning experience. Please, if you have any doubts or questions feel free to contact me. All the best, Nicolás R.


Work experience