Sehavet N.

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Pays: Turquie

Parle: Anglais, Turc

Enseigne: Anglais, Turc

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I am currently student of PhD in Istanbul university. I worked as a teacher at Baku State University for a year. I worked as a teacher at Ataturk University for three years. Teaching English and Turkish are certainly a joy to me and give me immense satisfaction both on a personal and professional level. I have been teaching English for the past 5 years both in Turkish and Azerbaijan which taught me how to adapt my teaching style to suit the student’s respective cultural background, social requirements and specific needs. I have the opportunity to teach English for both children ranging from 11 years to senior people as much as 50 years. Although there is a great gap in the teaching style that should be used to teach this wide age range, I find it a challenge to match my techniques of teaching English with the students’ capabilities. For junior and senior high schools students and other adults I train them for general speaking of English, writing, and listening.

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