Oleksandra S.

Professeur certifié
€12 par heure

Pays: Ukraine

Parle: Anglais, Russe, Ukrainien

Enseigne: Anglais

Quelques mots sur vous

Here I am, Oleksandra V. Sobolj, a teacher of English. As far as my career is concerned, it does not develop with any obvious changes. I got a job of a teacher after I graduated from the university and I still remain one. The other day I was thinking of the difference between a job of a teacher and one of an actor. Being an actor means staying under the magnifying glass of the world for the rest of your life. A teacher stays in public until he or she retires which usually happens late enough to experience what public life really is. To be a teacher one is to have a lot of an actor except for the fact that an actor always says his part that has already been written and is not to be changed. What a teacher does is more like jazz, improvisation of highly professional level. So, is there any difference? There is one tiny, salary. The one of an actor is a little bigger, but I never ask God for money, I ask for opportunities. I guess I can cope with it.