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Pays: Ukraine

Parle: Anglais, Russe, Turc, Ukrainien

Enseigne: Anglais, Turc

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Hello, dear friends! I've been teaching English since 2002 and I really love doing this. I graduated from the Faculty of foreign languages ( English, Turkish and Western Literature) 12 years ago. I also had a one-year internship at Wabash Valley College ( Illinois, the USA) and intensive language training at American University( Washington D.C.)I also specialize in professional English, such as IT- specialists. My teaching programme is personalized, it is always tailored to my student's goals. So before starting our work I need to know exactly what your language goal is and how much time and effort you are ready to invest in your dream come true:) We concentrate on practicing your active skills, do a lot of speaking and discussion at the lesson. I use plenty of podcasts, videos and audio materials If you have any questions left- don't hesitate to contact me. I truly believe in your success. See you at the lesson! P.S. After booking a lesson, contact me to confirm the time!

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