€20 par heure

Pays: République Tchèque

Parle: Anglais, Allemand, Tchèque

Enseigne: Anglais

Quelques mots sur vous

Hey everyone, my name is Jana, I am 32 years old and I live in a picturesque town in the Czech Republic. I have a degree in English language teaching and I have 15 years of experience with tutoring and teaching. I also work as a translator from English to my mother tongue (Czech). I love writing, reading, watching films and series, learning languages, traveling, translating and spending time with my dog. I am interested also in psychology, music, and history. I would love to become your tutor to help you improve your grammar, writing skills or simply talk with you to make you feel more confident about using English. There's no need to be afraid of making a mistake during my classes. Any mistake is a friend, who helps us improve our language skills. :-) I can offer you many years of experience, patience, and a friendly atmosphere. I also think of my students' hobbies when planning my lessons to keep them entertained. I am looking forward to starting our lessons!

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